Friday- raining and 12 pm at Harmony Eatery

It was Friday, it was raining and it was 12 in the afternoon. The day was dull and depressing so my colleagues suggested that we should try the new cafe around the corner. When we got there we were greeted by some friendly faces and took our seats. The interior was green and breezy, very white, could have done with a pop of color. The menu was like the one you would see in many “all day” breakfast cafes. I ordered some poached eggs which came with a confit tomato and 2 sourdough slices. I love the concept of confit tomato. The intensity of flavor and sweetness this method brings to a tomato serves ┬áthe tomato as a confident complementary pleasure to the dish. And especially adding this to the humble concept of poached eggs and bread, puts this breakfast menu into the fancy category.

The presentation brought a smile to my face. The little garnish of yellow flower was like the ray of sunshine you want to see on a rainy day. And the poached eggs were textbook perfect- runny and gooey and that’s all what you need to soak up your sourdough.

My cappuccino, glorious goodness me, was to perfection using the blend of “lollibird” from the Story beans expressing the notes of citric acidity and floral aroma.The barista artfully had my foam in an elegant swan pattern. If you are in Ellerslie, you must visit The Harmony Eatery for some simple yet extravagant meal.

Cappuccino! The swan style

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