The so frenchie French Markets – la cigale

Perfect start to a Saturday morning when you take your little puppy and walk to the French markets. And what leads you there? Your nose of course! The freshly baked warm aroma from the croissants mixed with the roasted grounded aroma of gravity coffee- you know this is the kind of morning that turns out to be an epic one.

Arriving there on an empty stomach, this is what I needed to have as my breakfast- caramelised onion, spinach, cherry tomato lifted together with sharp blue cheese. A smack in the face. A good smack from La Cigale. Feeling satisfied, my next station was the sweet station. And my my please ask me if it hit the spot!

You bet it did! Ahhh the delicate orchestrated paper thin crepes made right in front of you incorporated with fresh strawberries and fresh cream… mama Mia! That right there was happiness waiting to get into my mouth! The French crepe station delivers authentic crepes. Exactly like the ones I had in Marseille!

The French markets in Parnell has something for everyone. If you get here for a light and fun breakfast, just glance at what you can have. Anything there can tingle your fantasy.

And if you are in for a comfort lunch, make sure you head to the Paella Pan. Authentic, flavoursome and on point! delicioso!

– French markets are on Saturday and Sunday 9am to 2pm – Parnell.

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