My brunch affair at Twisted Tomato Cafe

I love a good brunch. I actually look forward to a weekend brunch which means I can wake up late, skip breakfast and still have a satisfying meal with my poison of choice.

My girlfriends and I decided to finally try this cute little cafe in Pt Chev. We fell in love with the interior at first sight. The cafe presented itself in a rustic manner but yet well looked after with a pop of green here and there. We were greeted by a friendly waitress as soon as we took our seats at the middle communal table.

Looking at the drinks menu, I really wanted to have a wine but the dark creamy hot chocolate caught my eye and I decided to opt for that option. My other girlfriend decided to have a salted caramel cappuccino brulee. We know, through several trials and tribulations,  we shouldn’t mess with the simplicity of a self glorious coffee but this sounded too good to be missed out on.

As the waitress brought our dark creamy hot chocolate, I was thanking all my lucky stars for the right decision I made- I died and went to heaven and back because I had to eat. The gf who ordered salted caramel cappuccino brulee was really excited when she saw the waitress doing the brulee on the coffee. However, upon sipping this she was disappointed.
Our food was served shortly and here is what we ordered: Mr Bene with with chicken kaarage, wild mushrooms and polenta, pea and halloumi fritters. I would normally add salt and pepper to my food before eating it (I admit, a very bad habit) but for this plate I did not-the seasoning was spot on. It was as if they understood my pallet without knowing my story.

As we went on chatting as us girls do, the barista noticed that my friend did not finish her salted caramel cappuccino brulee. We definitely did not expect this but she asked if she could replace it with another coffee. My friend happily accepted the offer. I’m sure it made her day. The barista, I must commend, was super friendly which is a rare sight these days. She even asked us to come back! Why? Because she noticed we were not the locals.
Omg, I almost forgot to mention the beetroot and pistachio cake we ordered which ended our meal at a very high note. Te earthy yet sultry sweetness left us with a very clean plate.

Overall, Twisted Tomatoes knows all about flavors and knows how to show you a good day if you are having a bad one. A suggestion when you go there: relax and take the advantage of the friendly atmosphere.

We will definitely be going there again for their tempting iced chocolate!

Beetroot and pistachio cake

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