One sweet sunny day…Trinity Hill Wines

The summer in Auckland has been terrible. Gloomy mornings, overcast days and chilly nights…I was afraid after experiencing this since November, we may just have to jump into winter!

My work trip took me to Napier and Hastings. Yeah, a bit inconvenient waking up for an early flight. When we landed  Napier, golly gosh me…!!! I couldn’t believe what my eyes were telling me..Napier and Hastings have been stealing all our SUN!! A twenty minutes smooth drive into Hastings and that’s all I needed to get my sunny love affair started at Trinity Hill Wines.

Walking into a picturesque tasting room, I was greeted by Kaira. Super friendly and super keen to express her love for wine. I said yes to wine tasting and decided not taste according to their profiles. I went straight for red. My type of red- bold yet sweet.


On the right we have the humble Pinot noir with classic cherry and plum sweetness and a backbone of steamy wood. I’ve been told that in Hastings, due to the hot weather,people love sweet and light and this is what is being delivered. On the left we have floral and blackberry notes. Aromas of blackberry and brambly are dominant which give this Homage its bold character. With tight structure and concentrated taste, this wine delivers with crucial elegance. Have something to celebrate or not… have Homage! 


Make sure you pay a visit to Trinity Hill Wines when visiting sunny Hastings. If you happen to meet Kaira, take up her offer on the wine testing. She breaks down every note to the atomic composition. Customer service 100/10. My best wine talk experience ever!

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