The new chai place- Satya spice and chai Lounge

This is a typical rainy day place. When you need something cozy, something deliciously deep fried with a hint of spice for the warmth, and a hot cup of chai goodness- this place is kept in a secret alley, which is not a secret anymore.

A few friends and I decided to check this place out yesterday, finally I would say, after all the amazing things I’ve heard. Satya spice and chai lounge is a complete checklist for any chai lover and not just any chai but the proper Indian chai. It’s a complete checklist for the people who love craft beers, good old shisha, friend everything and even rice, magical atmosphere with pretty lights and candles and caring service.

Sitting on wooden slabs help by strong bricks and surrounded by coffee sacks, we ordered a few things because yes we wanted to try everything and no we can’t eat everything. The list goes:


Fried Cauliflower- hands down the best fried cauliflower I have tried until now! Every floret was crisply fried to perfection and garnished with fresh coriander and spice. Even the friends that I hang out with who sometimes make fun of vegetarian food appreciated this hardcore.


Fried rice- every grain of rice, covered with it’s unique flavor, satisfied my food soul from the very first bite. For pure vegetarians, please ask for fried rice without egg and for chickenatarians, please ask for chicken fried rice.


Some tasty chicken- can’t deliver the taste information in this as I don’t eat chicken but the girls and boys who has this said it was amaze balls.Almost like chicken 65 but stands out tall with its own uniqueness. If you love chicken with intriguing spice, this is the dish for you.


Pomegranate and soda- need i say more? How refreshing does this pomegranate and soda look?


Chai- and since this trip was all about the chai lounge, this picture completes the formality with some chai. Look at her silently enjoying the goodness of spice in the warmth of milk.

Simple deco but yet so comforting, this place has been around Auckland for about 6 months. The first proper chai lounge in Auckland I must say that has come to cater to the vegetarians, non vegetarians, chai lovers, craft beer enthusiasts, hookah wanderers and spice lovers.

Now you know,I know, they all know and Auckland knows- this is no more a secret so get there now!



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