Brunching through Melbourne heat @st Ali 

As the pilot was in the process of landing his flight, he announced we have a beautiful hot weather here in Melbourne 28 degrees. 28 degrees! Do you know what that means for Melbourne? It means super hot!

Got to my friends place who thankfully offered me ice cold water and a brunch in an alley way cafe. She asked me what kind of interior do you like- she told me St Ali was different. And I said yes, I like different.

Walking through the heat, I was almost about to conclude the day until we entered this almost cooler warehouse in a small alley way- st Ali cafe.

Ahh some shade! Even Melbourne heat could not keep me away from a delicious cup of cappucino. With every sip I wanted another. The coffee tasted like velvet with the smoothest froth.

I ordered Koo Koo ca Choo. In an ordinary world it means crazy but at St Ali’s it means a beautiful plate of mushroom fricasse underneath a potato hash underneath perfect oozing poached eggs, underneath a mountain of chlorophyll greens all becoming one army covered in truffle vinaigrette and soothing yet striking hint of gruyere here and there. Mama Mia! It was a party in my mouth! I literally licked my plate clean.

My friend ate my Mexican cousin. I know hurtful, but it looked so good she had to eat it! This treat got the works in it working your taste buds till you go ahhhh! Secret recipe of corn fritters with poached eggs, scrumptious halloumi, corn and cucumber cool salsa along with hot spicy tomato purée all topped up with mt Everest of greens!

The next time I get to Melbourne, I’m going straight to St Ali’s. Even if it’s going to be 28 degrees again!

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