Live like a gypsy, eat like a gypsy @ gypsy caravan

Have I told you about the time I died and went to heaven! But I wasn’t dead because I was having this smashing piece of ouzo cheese at the gypsy caravan. This place with its fairy lights, funky lanterns and criss cross of Turkish carpets made up a beautiful place to be at. A place you would hashtag “prettyplace”. 

Back to the ouzo cheese. This marriage is not between two things but several which makes this communion a sweet as one. Panfriend ouzo cheese meets sourdough bread, honey complements it and lemon stands by its side. And like every other marriage they have dramas too. Their drama; ouzo cheese flambé which softens the cheese so you can take your sourdough and cut through. And if you find it too rich, add a few drops of lemon. Voila! One marriage that will never end in divorce. 

On the other hand, hello “the best ever polenta chips”!!!! I’ll ask you… yes YOU…Have you tasted naughty and nice? If not, then these polenta chips are just the right thing for you! These chips are crispy that you can hear the crunch through the chatters on the tables, and yet creamy and cheesy with the subtle flavour of rosemary coming through which is all nice. But you know what makes this naughty? The generous splash of Parmesan on it with the dollop of “zhoug” beside it. Zhoug the best foreign sounding dip I’ve had in a while. I won’t reveal much, because you got to taste it to know it.

The service here- 100 of 10. You know what that means? If you’ve had a bad day or you feel like no one cares…the gypsy caravan does! So forget your worries and go embrace yourself with some lovely tlc and fill your tummy with some yummy! #gypsiecaravan #ponsonbyeats #foodie #aucklandfoodie

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