Frasers- an unordinary cafe

In Mount Eden, this cafe has been here for as long as I can remember. Revamped now, to give it a contemporary yet unique look, Frasers is still standing stronger than ever before.

Girlfriend and me decided to dine for valentine at Frasers. And lucky she got in just after 5 to lock a table for 2. This place was was bursting with locals, lovers, families with kids and everyone who was just in for some fine humble home cooking.

For starters, girlfriend and I orders shoestring fries with paprika aioli. Because why not fries! Crunchy, skinny and text book shoestring fries were perfect with the smooth, creamy, smoky paprika aioli. I must say, this is now the only way I like my aioli. Smoky.

Shoestring fries with Paprika aioli

For main, we shared a plate of ricotta gnocchi. Crispy on the outside and pillow soft on the inside, this dish came along with some crunchy green beans,summer confit cherry tomato, parsley oil and olive tapenade- all the ingredients for a delicious wholesome dish. Completely surreal, with the generous amount of sharp parmesan to lift all those flavours into a perfectly staged choreography.

Ricotta gnocchi

You must be wondering why girlfriend and I just shared one starter and one main. Well well, the reason is this…img_5363

Yes we wanted a piece of whatever was in the “me” and for us it was the almighty ,all -glorious standing thick ,tall and proud -the Traditional New York Cheesecake. I don’t know how a New York cheesecake tastes, but if it’s anything like this..I want to marry it! Lushly creamy and bronze baked, this is an orchestration of sweet and lemon tanginess of different textures from thick and satiny melt in the mouth to the buttery crunchy finish. Classic flavours of this velvety master piece comes from cream cheese, lemon, vanilla and beautiful biscuit base. This cheese cake is worth having less food for and keeping the room for dessert. Must try.


434 Mount Eden Road, Auckland, New ZealandĀ 


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