Greenleaf Organics-your detox regime

Your detox day?

Or feel like a reboot because you were too late deciding on your New Year resolutions?

Three reasons why you should head to Greenleaf Organics immediately:

  1. They have a variety of hot and cold drinks and both of those kinds that are healthy, so you are not tempted to have any unhealthy drink
  2. They only have clean food on their menu, so you won’t be tempted to eat anything else
  3. Finally, we all love something sweet after our meal- and they have that for a healthy way

If these three reasons have caught your attention, please keep reading for all the exciting things we were able to try there…

Beetroot Latte

After the Golden Latte, there is another trend making its rounds- the Pink concoction of a Beety Latte. How pretty does it look? And its tastes great!! I know people will think or are thinking that this healthy lifestyle fad is being stretched way too far.. however this Beetroot Latte trend can be justified. It’s great for people who are trying to quit coffee. Beetroot has nitrates that the body converts into nitric oxide and this chemical increases blood flow and boosts energy. So if you always need that early morning caffeine hit, here is your decaffeinated drink to help you achieve that. And what can I say about antioxidants and anti-inflammatory? It’s got it all!

I had my first cup at Greenleaf Organics with coconut milk. Notes were earthy yet sweet, nutty and airy and a perfect silkiness rolling in your mouth- but that could be the magic of the barista making her lattes just right. Coconut milk can be replaced with any other milk such a cashew milk, almond milk, soy milk…just ask at the counter and there will be options that float your boat.

Mayan hot chocolate

My friend, the chocolate fanatic, had a Mayan hot chocolate and I’m glad she did. My goodness, it was soooooo dreamy, I think that one cannot just settle for one cup. This one’s got cacao, mesquite, maca and coconut sugar, well what else do you want me to say to make it sound healthy? Almond milk? Okay, yes than it’s got that or any other dairy free milk that you would like. Instant winter warmer, mood booster and morning indulgence.

Haloumi and Avo on crisp ciabatta

Here is a simple as open sandwich- mashed avo topped up with panfried dukkah haloumi complete with a drizzle of manukau honey. The combination of this match made in heaven is salty, spicy, sweet and creamy.

Eggs, Avo, Ciabatta

This tastes as exactly as it looks. Humble eggs, earthy avo and the spoon to eat them both at one, the bread.

Tiger Japanese Bowl

The flavours of a Japanese bowl that has ginger tofu, salad, nori sheets, and some sweet and tangy kimchi all working together in harmony thanking the gods of vegan miso that brings them all together. If you are a vegetarian, this is how you will get this and if you prefer it a bit meaty, chicken will be added.

So now whenever you plan to have a detox day, make sure you make your way to Greenleaf Organics be it for breakfast, brunch or even lunch. Happy detox!

326 New North Road, Auckland

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