Scarlett Slimms and Lucky- Eat your bloody Mary while you can

It’s a Thursday and 2 pm in the afternoon. Friend and I are slowly sipping away a bloody Mary, and may I say the best bloody Mary ever. Throwing in a bit of gossip from here and there, we are in our very ¬†own Sex and the City series. The life…

The best bloody Mary was mounted with everything fried. The drink was strong spiced hit in the first sip, and a lime palate with notes of cloves after taste.I bet they have a secret sauce making this drink very unique, sour and spicy. Friend and I had requested vegetarian nibble and our request was catered too. The topping were a fried cauliflower, a mini vegetarian burger, and onion ring, and a corn hush puppy.Thank you very much Scarlett Slimms and Lucky for our banging bloody Mary!


We then had Cheese Curds. Never heard of this before but the description read sago that’s cubed and deep fried and when dipped in mango chutney, the flavours celebrate a fire work!

Here is the show stopper that we had to have! And lucky for us, it was on special until 3pm. Hip hip hurray for our vege burger! Yes we are vegetarians and slightly fussy as well. We don’t just eat any burger cuz a few veges have been thrown in it. Like the hunters, we look for some ‘meaty’ substance too and we found our substance in this Slimm’s polenta burger! Perfect with chunks of creamy avo, crispy polenta spiced up patty, cheesy salty haloumi,onion rings, pungent mustard, and the whole mouthful followed by a bite of good old buddy pickle- super yuuuuuuum!!! With a side of crunchy shoestring not super well done fries, this combo is a steal! I would be going back and back and back for one of those vege burger babies!

Get to Scarlett Slimms and Lucky for a legit feed.

476 Mount Eden road, Mount Eden

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