Garrison Public House- your hump-day special

Hump-day, midweek and and two more days to complete…this calls for a celebration! A celebration with drinks and most importantly FOOD! And what’s more perfect than everything fried, loads of carb and endless “creamicious” dips??? Simple answer, nothing.

A mid week plan to watch a movie thats falls on a hump-day calls for food and drinks before hand and this time we visited Garrison Public House in Sylvia Park. A happy vibe with many other celebrating the same purpose.

We started off with deep fried broccoli and cheese bites. Don’t be afraid of the word “deep fried” because this is the only way you must have these bites. Perfectly golden and crunchy on the outside and creeeeeeamy with earthy broccoli undertones on the inside, these golden chunks are paired with  sharp creamy blue cheesy dip and my goodness…every bite after that is an indulgent cheesy one.

Broccoli and Cheese bites

Then came the bread because us friends who dine together break bread together. We break freshly baked Ciabatta together. The bread was served with three delicious and unique dips: creamy whipped feta, pungent garlic butter which I think had an undertone of earthy broccoli and my favorite, strong nutty fruity alfonsos black olive tapenade. A perfectly paired match to have with drinks, without drinks and even after drinks to soak up the alcohol so you are not too tipsy during a movie.

Baked ciabatta with three dips

Next, my friends had Lemon and Ginger chicken skewers. Normally when these kind chicken strips are marinated before they are grilled, they deliver a subtle hint of lemon and ginger. But this was not the case here. My friends told me that every bite was hit with nice sharp ginger heat and soothing sourness from the lemon. This only means that after the skewers were cooked, they were brushed with some ginger and lemon glazed marination. And in conclusion it only means that the chefs  care for us and really want us to enjoy this and that’s why it was served with a beautiful crispy noodle salad. Yay for us and hooray to the chefs!

Ginger and Lemon chicken skewers

How can you have a hump-day without potatoes. You just can’t! We ordered some deep fried lightly battered curly fries. We all know that curly fries are now a thing so they have stayed and will most likely stay forever and ever. They have stayed along with the beautifully southern style smoky tomato and bbq sauce. Dipped into it, it was magic unveiling in my mouth with good crunch and slight hit.

Curly fries

Lastly, bang bang boom….we had vegetarian nachos! Hip hip hurray for those nachos! These were the happiest nachos I’ve ever had. How does it make it to my happy list? The criteria for this is all flavours working in unity together to produce a beautiful harmony that you can sing. These happy nachos consist of some crunchy corn chips, creamy silky yogurt-like sour cream, smooth dollop of fresh avo guacamole,sweet tangy and textured chilli con carne (this one was vegetarian) and a generous happy portion of some good old strong cheddar. Hmmmmmmmmmm…. I can hear you sing too..

Vegetarian nachos

Hope this menu makes you happy and hopefully you decide to have a happy hump-day at Garrison Public House…because you deserve that happiness!

My friend wishes you the same 🙂

#61 Sylvia Park, 286 Mount Wellington Highway, Auckland



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