Elisabeth- coffee + dessert hideaway

As soon as friend and I got there, we were welcomed with warm smiles. Not because they were our friends, but that was their instant reaction to seeing new faces that day. I was instantly caught on by the dark hot chocolate with dainty Persian rose fairy floss. The dark hot chocolate, made with good quality fair trade chocolate from the Sao Tome Regions of West Africa and Dominican Republic, was creamy…indulgent…and I hear “bottomless”. If you don’t know much about Sao Tome but still believe in it’s superior quality because it sounds exotic…I don’t blame you. But here is the story in a nutshell… Cacao plants were first brought from Brazil to Nigeria and Ghana, the coastal regions of West Africa. I know this, because I lived there. And as much as I’m comfortable and happy in NZ, I miss the simplicity of West Africa. ┬áBack to the background…Sao Tome’s chocolates became one of the best and exotic sobriquet. With the strength of it’s darkness and antioxidants, Sao Tome’s chocolates mean business.

The chocolate from Dominique republic also mean business and grows on their own land and trees. Now now, I know what you are imagining…you are imagining a tree with chocolate bars hanging off them. Don’t be silly!

Chocolate from Sao Tome and Dominique Republic

The luscious dark hot chocolate poured over delicate strands of Persian fairy floss, three words for you- liquid Turkish delight. I would go grab this bottomless baby everyday if I could. Maybe just pretend to fall asleep and ask for a hot chocolate every time I wake up. Haha

Dark hot chocolate with Pashmina fairy floss

The couple of other things we tried from the cabinet are: Mango and Salted Caramel Gateaux and Double Chocolate Duo Tart. Both deliciously luscious, cravings satisfiers and mega indulgent.

Mango and Salted caramel gateaux
Double chocolate duo tart

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this is the place to be. So much for you, they’ve even got a dessert degustation. Now you have got to be an honorary most respected sweet tooth in the country to attack that. Let me know if you do…Kudos to you!


Visit Elisabeth. I can guarantee you 100% satisfaction because if they believe that “desserts are like a feel good song and the best ones make you dance “, you are sure to experience that.

465 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland
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