Tucks & Bao- My lazy Sunday adventure

Sundays are for lazing around, at least that’s what I like to do on a Sunday. Husband and I were supposed to have a wine and cheese lunch and then we found out it’s closed on Sundays. Quickly searching somewhere else to eat on almighty Google, I came across Tucks & Bao and that was the beginning of our lazy Sunday adventure!

We were lucky to get a parking spot right in front of the restaurant. Upon entering, it looked ordinary. Pretty empty. I guess people have better things to do on a Sunday…Wait, hold that thought. Moving ahead into the main restaurant, yeah…we saw foodies sitting here and there…And then finally walking into a zen like courtyard, that’s when I felt the magic! Amazing ambience. Beautiful hangings of green and violet indoor plants with a horizontal fence like background and fairy lights flickering through them. And from the corner of my eye, I could see a beautiful waterfall statue that’s not right in your face but the that contributes to droplets of subconscious waterfall music. Peaceful and yet magical.

After appreciating the indoor fittings, we ordered our drinks. And as much as we were lazy, we felt like an adventure. So I ordered a beer that I’ve never tried before called the Garage Project Garagista IPA. It was a little different with initial fruity notes and bitter hop finish. But it’s double dry hopped for the extra whoa flavour. Husband had Sour Bitch, a classic whiskey sour.

Garage Project Garagista IPA

First thing ordered was Miss Salty and Mr Pepper. Such a clever name given to a fried calamari dish. Like any other fried calamari, this one served its purpose with some lemon pepper and salt flakes. But what lifted this dish was creamy zesty dip of lime aioli. That aioli, I would happily dip fried snack into it.

Miss Salty & Mr Pepper

Husband ordered the special of the day- Koran BBQ beef. He was pretty stoked with that . He described it has sweet and sour smokiness. I assume the flavours are coming from the beef primarily being marinated in soya sauce, brown sugar and Korean pear juice and then slapped onto a very hot grill for it’s charred flavours. He was a happy man with a happy tummy after that mean.

Korean BBQ Beef

And you vegetarians, if you are wondering what I had, I have some good news for you. It was not at all disappointing! I had the Crispy Fu. Crispy exterior and silky smooth interior, this Tofu  tucked in a Bao was big and delicious! Bao, if you are not aware, is a steamed Asian bun. With some Asian choy and carrots tossed in chilli ginger, this look alike burger was a flavour winner and obviously my dish of the day!

Crispy Fu

When you are ready to have your lazy adventure, do make a trip to Tucks and Bao. Not only does the waiter take that extra effort and hearty smile to explain the menu but the food is quick to arrive and you can take your time, chill out and enjoy the droplets of waterfall.

19 Davis Crescent, Newmarket, Auckland



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